Second job benefits

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My husband took a second job 3 years ago and we are now finally realizing the benefits. The biggest thing you need to be concerned with is where it will put you in the tax bracket. My husband is just a couple thousand dollars short of putting us into a new tax bracket and it then may not be worth having the second job. With the second job we get benefits that are not available in the first job- like dental and vision coverage. Fuel costs can be an issue but then again trading down to a more economical vehicle can help solve that problem. Right now tho the second job is most beneficial and we reaping the benefits.. paying down debt and even investing and savings. The beauty of a second job is that you can take it on and then you can leave when you are ready …

The grocery bill is the first place someone can reap benefits. The grocery game is a joke. Why pay someone to tell you what is on sale when you can find that out on your own? If you know your local list/store stuff there is no need for the grocery game. Its not that hard.Once again someone making a buck off of YOU!

Cell phone is needed if you are on call. If your on the road all the time and miss calls for work, than you need it. In our company we had to have either pagers or phones. It saved us miles, and lots of time, and as you know they are both big money. Eating out is not needed, on the road,bring your home cooked meals. Eating out is one of the biggest exspenses people can cut out. Use Sundays to cook for the week. Forget the resturants, they are bad for you anyway. Eating out will get you broke , sick, and in need of surgery on your pocket book and your heart..

Everyone in America has been stocking up on things they don’t really need. Now is the time to use them. Go into those closets and drawers and organize and use up all that junk you have been collecting for years.Sell what you will never use, and make some space in that house.Use the extra cash to make payments.

Gold is high again, so clean out that jewlery box at the gold exchange. Junk pieces of gold can add up. One earring, out of style bracelet, old peieces of gold can bring in some well needed cash. Just make sure you go to a real gold exchange that will give you the gold value of your jewlry.Be surprised at what its worth.

I have got quite a bit out of the grocery game. Maybe when I get ambitious and get a coupon database up and running and find the time to input every week’s coupons I will drop them, but for now I find the extra few dollars a week is worth the time saved.

again, sometimes that works, sometimes that doesn’t. I have fuel effiecient cars, but where I live, by choice, I would have to drive at least 50 miles round trip maybe more, for a $7.00 per hour job, not worth it, I ran the figures. I chose to increase my income by working harder at my main job.

I disagree, I tried to do what she can do myself, I spent 5 times more time, and ended up spending MORE. To each their own, but when the first week of the cycle comes up and I save over $80 that week, I have well paid for the membership. To me it’s worth it….for some it’s not.

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