Grocery game, cell phone bills etc

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I use a cell phone cause I’m always going or coming. I’ve got kids in school. With the cell phone the school can get in touch when a kid gets sick, forgot lunch, etc. I don’t have a landline phone. But to save money my mom and i went in together and share the costs of a cell phone plan. Cheaper than us each having a separate account plus we can call each other free. I work in a grocery store so i keep an eye on sales and collect coupons. Used to buy groceries once a week. Then my kids became teenagers. In one weekend they ate an entire weeks’ supply of groceries. So since I’m in a store I buy enough to last two or three days with some extra to freeze. Works for me, may not work for someone else. And I’m still spending the same amount each week. Ss for selling gold, I’d love to do that. Unfortunately I don’t have any. My mom doesn’t either. Sometimes you just have to find what works for you and do that even if someone else says it’s not the right or best way. There is no one right way. I wish there was sometimes. But then something usually happens that reminds me it’s nicer having a variety of choices and viewpoints.

I did the grocery game for a couple of months. When it first came about it was widely reported on here in our local news and one channel even did a series on it where they played it and followed up with people who participated etc. Yes you can save money but most they interviewed were,or appeared to be, mothers and women who were juggling too many things at once already. I suppose if I was that person maybe I would view it differently. Watch this video:

I found no real savings in it. It was costing me to do something I already have been doing for years. Now, with the use of the internet I can do it myself and save even more by not paying the fee. I dont spend much time at all. I find it personally rewarding to do it myself. I’ve been currently challenging myself this month to stay around 25.00 a week for groceries for my family and I’ve been doing it so far and if I can continue I’ll be saving around 200.00 a month. I don’t need to pay someone else to show me how to do it. I have accumulated a huge stock pile and if I had to stop buying food tomorrow we could still eat for probably 3 months or more.

OMG! Thankyou!! From everything I’ve read and understood, making a minimal payment is just reaffirming the debt and dragging it out! Stop paying! There is a reason the laws are in place that if you stop paying they have to charge it off! Its for your protection as well as theirs! If you keep paying you keep dragging it out. AND if you dont pay the minimum amount they are asking for you are considered delinquent anyway! Don’t do it! You are’nt helping yourself!

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