Bankruptcy was set up to serve a purpose

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Thanks for your enlightening post. I agree with alot of what you have to say. I disagree with your opinion of bankruptcy however- most creditors will force you into it if you cant meet their expectations. I know, I’ve been there. Bankruptcy was set up to serve a purpose- not necessarily “shirk” your debts. Living within your means is the answer tho. You are right about that. I am not so nice. I have given up cable and many things. I dont see a need for them. There are many who still “blur” the line of “want” and “need”. Most people will argue you to death how they “need” a cell phone. They will come up with one reason after another. Its all bunk. No one NEEDS a cell phone. That is nothing more then a NEED our society has manufactured to make us buy. No one NEEDS cable or satellite TV either. Nobody NEEDS 100 plus channels. You dont. Get over it. Nobody NEEDS Netflix or Blockbuster. Your local library will keep you up to date if you just work at it. Nobody NEEDS Sirius Satellite Radio or anything else. People NEED to wake up and realize that their financial situation will not change unless they do. I had to come to that realization myself and since I did my life and quality of it as well as my financial picture have improved. Make no mistake, sacrifice IS involved.

I agree with MOST of what you said.

BUT my hubby does NEED a cell phone. It earns us more money than it takes out of our pocket.

How? He’s a truck driver, I would say over the last year, it has probably increased his income by between $10,000-15,000. How? Dispatch can get in touch with him anytime they have another load come up, they know he will take it, and not complain.

Also, if his truck should break down, he can be in areas that it could take HOURS for someone to find him, and way away from civilization. So he would lose money by sitting, because he cannot get help.

Most don’t need a cell phone, or at least the fancy plans that they have.

IF we didn’t have to have his for work, I wouldn’t have anything but a cheapy prepaid for emergencies. But since it doesn’t cost anything extra to have it, we get 2 lines for the same price, I do.

Am I willing to give up my cable and such? NO, but I find OTHER ways to get through my bills. I have become very determined to pay off my debts in the next 6-12 months.

I am moving in a little under 2 weeks, cutting my rent by over $500 and getting more. I am going to work harder, earn more money. I will also have 3 debts paid off by the end of the year. So by the first of next year, I will have at least $1000 extra for me. That will be going into savings, and a bit extra on the debts, since he property we are renting, we will be purchasing as soon as we get a down payment saved up.

We all need to live within our means, but there are more than one way to do it. I do agree that sacrifices need to be made, but that’s an INDIVIDUAL choice that each person needs to make.

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