Bankruptcy – there are differing circumstances

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I agree with you regarding the cell phone. It certainly sounds like you are in the 1% who NEED a cell phone. We come across so many people who are buried yet continue to pay for the luxury of the cell phone while asking us if we think they should quit paying the credit card debts. There are so many people who are turning up with HUGH mortgages. Im talking about the kind that would prevent me from sleeping at night (2K, 2.5K). Then they wonder if they should stick it to the creditors in order to keep the house. I really have to wonder.

I agree on many levels with this. But there are differing circumstances…. What if the debt is not cards, not things, not anything that ended in “enjoyment”? What if it is medical? What if it is “life”?

Our debt is largely medical – going to the doctor to stay alive through diabetes / heart disease / kids getting kid-type injuries. Insurance covered a lot of them, but they are still debt that can become overwhelming.

I just validated one of my husband’s debts and they sent me back something that is totally someone else’s. But the story it painted disturbs me. They mixed him up with a lady who was in the hospital several times for broken leg, broken pelvic, various other injuries. She was behind in rent, utilities and bounced checks at Walmart. She is 10 feet under. I don’t imagine she got “things” or “enjoyment” from any of that. I think she was beaten.

While I don’t agree to go bankrupt, I don’t judge those who do. I don’t want to pay for everyone’s mistakes, but I am perfectly willing to reach out and help those people individually.

It also disturbs me that a collection agency just sent me someone else’s SSN / DOB / Driver’s License Number and bank account number. And that they have put this debt on my husband’s credit report. But that’s a side point.

We have internet because I am in IT. We have cell phone because it is required of my job and they pay for it. We don’t have cable, to my family’s chagrin, because it is a “luxury” that can be accommodated after we stop paying for yesterday’s life today. However, I note that after not watching TV for so long, that the commercials irritate me greatly.

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