Everyone needs to reevaluate their Needs and Wants

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Everyone NEEDS to reevalutate their Needs and Wants.

In some cases, the cell Phone is a need for work, and the company simply expects you to have one. If you use it at least 50% of the time for business and can prove it, write 50% off as a business expense.

I think the point being is to re-examine all of the nice things you have and are paying monthly on to see if it came down to having the nice thing or paying for a family medical emergency, which would you do? Even though you do not have a family medical emergency, the same emphasis should be applied toward getting out of debt and staying there.

One of the things I like about this group is the sharing of ideas of how to save money on everyday things, whether it is groceries, toiletries, insurance or whatever.

There will always be those who will not wake up and realize that they spend more than they made (I know, it took me years to admit it) and now they must pay the piper, not pass the buck. if your husband needs a cell phone to make money thats one thing but I would think you would have already factored that into your monthly expenses and made provisions for it. My experience, most people would not need a cell phone to survive or make money. Its something that we’ve come to know and accept in our society as a necessity.

Their feeling is there are other ways that he could get ahold of them. What makes us the extra money is dispatch can get ahold of him at a moments notice. If he didn’t have the cell phone, he would call in once a day and be dispatched. With the cell phone, if another load comes up, dispatch can get in touch with him. Normal loads are scheduled, additional are whomever he can get ahold of.

It is probably enough already about the cell phone, but I decided to cut the land line and save money that way, keeping the cell phone instead. This works just as well, and for me it is cheaper. Then I still just have one phone line. I minimized the service too. Just a thought…guess it doesn’t totally apply, as the person in question said her husband needed for work and would have it with him…but it is a moneysaver for me to cut the land line…

I’ve been thinking of doing this for some time now. Our landline is a bare bones deal but still costs 35.00 a month of which 50% nearly are taxes and surcharges etc. I have a prepay Virgin Mobile Cell phone and it does’nt even cost me but maybe 5.00 a month on average. I put 10.00 on it every other month- not even sales tax involved if I do it online. Thats how little I care to be on the phone lol.

It lasts me plus Virgin Mobile allows you to earn free minutes. I can usually earn 15 or so a week. The only reason I still have a landline phone is I have dial up internet. My 16 year old has a VM cell phone too and survives on free minutes she earns and a monthly text messaging package that she usually buys herself. I like being able to be in touch with her but I do also think people make excuses as to why they have to have one.

I don’t really think its necessary for most tho. Oh and with the cell phone I have long distance access which I cut off of my landline phone years ago to eliminate charges. I don’t call anyone long distance but do have a few relatives that I would like to be able to reach if I had to so I can use my cell phone for that and the cost is really no different then when I use my cell phone for local calls but if I use my landline phone its completely different.

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