What about investing?

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With the recent events on Wall Street I would like to know some of your opinions on investing. Its one thing to pay down debt and get out of it which I’ve been doing for some time now. I have a plan and DH and I will be debt free EXCEPT for his student loan, this time next year. With the recent Wall street crash etc. I am wondering about what you think about investing? Because I feel saving is just as important as paying off the debt. I’ve been working my butt off this last year, year and a half to pay off our debts and build up at least an emergency fund. Its been hard. I would like to think maybe I could take advantage of some of the falling stock prices and buy some stuff and hang on to it for several years. I’ve had a Sharebuilder account now for about 8 years and its done well by me in times of need. Would like to hear other’s opinions.

SInce you are supposed to invest for the long term, I would say that it is fine to invest money at this point. It is cyclical.
It goes up and it goes down. Don’t invest specifically in the failed companies or in a particular bank, I would say, but overall, you should be fine.

Buy low, sell high.

Good luck.

And remember – there is no way to “time” the market.

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