Not really a similar problem with loans here

But, something along the same lines. My ex works for the local parks and rec. dept and gets an employee discount, she wanted me to pay the full amount anyway, etc…

I work for local personal loans company. We provide loans online, like Avant. Anyway, depending on the wording of the court order or your agreement, she may not have any option but to provide a REAL daycare setting for the kids. Child Support payments and those for Child Care costs must have the ability to be documented. (ie….Will her sister be providing receipts and Tax ID numbers for IRS records/filings?)

I don’t know what they courts can actually do for you. But, you can try and stop her from taking this action by making comments about the tax records, etc… If there is a small child involved you could probably get the court to step in do to the smoking and size of the place.

You might want to talk to the local Government office that handles daycare permits and ask about the regulations for HOME DAYCARE providers, etc…

Summer daycare problem and Installment loans

My ex informed me today that she having her sister watch the children this summer instead of the summer day care we have used for the last three years. At first she made up some excuse that my eldest was too old and could only go three day’s a week. I contacted the daycare and in fact that was a lie. She claims she going to pay her sister the same amount she was paying the daycare, even if she will have to apply for an installment loan to do that.

Here’s my problem: Her high school drop out sister, has now qualifications or certification. They will be stuck in a small apartment which her chain smoking sister and the kids hate it. The daycare on the other hand provided socialization, group activities and religious teaching with certified staff trained in first aid.

I’m a non custodial parent. What’s my chances in getting the court to switch the daycare to a qualified daycare? Anyone with similar experience? I appreciated any advice.